About Almost certainly ninja

The project known as Almost Certainly Ninja(ACN) began as the personal blog of one apprentice ninja, Ro, http://thebigro.blogspot.com/. Originally, it was intended largely as a way to chronicle Ro's various short stories and NaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month) novels. But, as ideas of earth-shattering awesomeness are wont to do, eventually it demanded greater scope. "Let's talk about geeky books, and shops, and video games," it begged. "Let's cover geeky conventions - their guests, events, vendors, and artists," it implored. "Let's talk about the wonderful and crazy world of cosplay," it besought.

Eventually, Ro advanced from "apprentice" rank to "journeyman" rank, and ACN upgraded accordingly. Now, his various disguises - the coffee-toting lawyer's garb of Diego Armando, the bright yellow tower that is Giant Jake the Dog, and others - can be seen all over the Southeast and Midwest. The events are there, and he will cover them.

No celebrity guest is too intimidating. No panel is too wacky. No costume contest is too huge. No local shop is too out-of-the-way. No story is too shameless. Almost Certainly Ninja has arrived, and the geek life will never be the same again.