Almost Certainly Ninja's stated goal is "bringing the geek with a Samoa-Finnish flair." But there's a lot to that idea, and thus, the mission of ACN is a multi-faceted one. There's going to be a lot of different things talked about here, so I'll try and summarize the major ones below.

Media recommendations - Video games, anime, movies, books, travel, and more. Pretty much anything I read, watch, play, listen to, or experience that has a geeky vibe to it might get a listing here. Any actual reviews will be posted at the blog, but I'll keep a record here of names for easy reference.

Fiction - First and foremost, this ninja is a writer at heart. One of the chief purposes of this page, therefore, will be as a home for some of my work. This will be primarily short stories, with the occasional novel thrown in as well.

Conventions - Self explanatory, here. Names, locations/venues, dates, brief highlights of past conventions, and so forth.

Shops - Online, brick-and-mortar, and traveling, keep an eye out here for not only shops, but restaurants, hangouts, etc.

Artists - As I work with artist alleys in more than a dozen conventions, I love giving shout-outs to the talented folks I meet. Expect this list to be huge, and full of crazy-awesome things.

Have a category you'd like to see added here? Feel free to send me some feedback.